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Monaro Physio is an integrative physiotherapy clinic in Cooma. 

We use the ConnectTherapy framework to get to the root of your problem.

You learn how to heal your injury and restore healthy movement for a long term solution.

At Monaro Physio, we take a hands on, evidence based approach so you can stop being a spectator and do more of what you love.


How we treat:

Neck pain

We don't just treat your neck pain but identify the underlying reason, looking at your past injuries, biomechanics and strength deficits you might have developed through your life. This is why people say we're the best physio in Cooma. 

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We have a broad selection of articles to assist your treatment. Please click the 'blog' tab at the top of page. As a physio in Cooma, we pride ourselves on providing premium care to our clients. We operate around the Snowy Mountains Physio Cooma after taking over the old Fortitude Physio Cooma studio space. We work with the doctors in Cooma, providing regular communication to ensure continuity of care. The Cooma doctors may or may not provide a referral. We may do bulk billing in Cooma under exceptional circumstances.

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