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Elbow Pain


Elbow pain can encompass a group of conditions. Although it's more common for elbow injuries to come on gradually from overuse, it can be possible to develop acute, serious elbow pain acutely with no apparent reason. We hear things like: 

"It feels like my elbow is on fire."

"I can't pick up objects."

"My elbow feels really stiff in the morning." 

Common conditions that can manifest in the elbow include:​

  • Tennis elbow - read blog

  • Flexor tendinopathy

  • Muscle strain

  • Referred pain from the neck or thorax

  • Radial tunnel syndrome 

  • Synovitis 

  • Ulnar nerve compression

  • Pronator Teres syndrome

  • Medial Collateral Ligament Strain 

Commonly, structures in the elbow can be overstressed from simple things like your shoulder posture, a weakness of the hand as well as prior neck injuries, Treatment you might expect can include:

  • Hands on treatment to reduce pain and improve movement in the area

  • A full body assessment to understand the root of your issue

  • A personalised strengthening program to stop the problem from returning

  • Discussion around lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the problem

  • Get you sleeping better and back to doing what you love without pain

  • Taping or supporting the injury

If you'd like more information about managing your elbow injury read this blog.

Learn more about how integrative physio can help you.

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