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Our Story and Values


Steve was drawn into physiotherapy and rehabilitation after suffering his own injuries. He sustained a major concussion and subdural hematoma at 16 years of age when he fell victim to a 'coward punch'. He subsequently sustained a wedge fractured to his spine while snowboarding and developed persistent back pain. He soon realised the limitations of physiotherapy, chiropractic and sports medicine as he failed to get any relief from conventional approaches. This sparked his curiosity.

"There must be better approaches."

He set out to understand the human body and study physiotherapy in an attempt to help other people in similar situations. After graduation, he was lucky to spend time working in Australia, Japan and Canada with some of the best physiotherapists in the world. He discovered integrative physiotherapy through one of his mentors and was all in.

Our values and mission have been born from over 10 years of curiosity. 

Our Mission:

To provide best quality physiotherapy so you can achieve your goals and live a pain free life. 


Our Values


We seek to respect you deeply to understand your point of view.


Our goal is to create independence so you don't need physio.


  We will be honest through all interactions and with expectations.


We look at the body as being interconnected and work within a bio-psycho-social framework.


We promote participation in your treatment and expect to be treated with equal respect.


We encourage you to celebrate your victories by seeing the joy in reaching your goals, big or small.

Learn more about how integrative physio can help you.

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