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Persistent Pain

Working Out with a Physio Ball

Persistent pain encompasses conditions that go on for over 3 months. If this is the case, you'll often need a healthcare team involved. There can be a number of reasons that pain persists pas the normal healing timeframes. This can include:

  • A chronic disease diagnosis

  • When the body has run out of its exhaustive capacity. This is often when there has been multiple traumatic injuries or surgeries.

  • Sensitisation of the pain pathways from persistent injury. This includes pathways in the body and central nervous system. 

Management of persistent needs to be within a bio-psycho-social framework. This often means a combination if therapies should be used which can include:

  • Stress management. The stress and pain pathways in the brain are inextricably linked. Downregulating stress is pinnacle in managing pain. See the ebook for more information

  • Manual therapy to restore movement options

  • Pain education and pacing strategies

  • Training biomechanics and strengthening. 

Persistent pain continues to be one of our passions and missions. We endeavor to provide best practice treatment for long term resolution of your problem. If you'd like more information on understanding pain read this blog. We also run meditation courses by demand. If you'd like to know more click here


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