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ConnectTherapy and 
The Thoracic Ring Approach

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ConnectTherapy™ is all about helping therapists and patients understand the construct of connectedness. How different regions and systems of the body are connected. How the body and mind are connected. How therapists and patients are connected. How we as humans are physically, emotionally and socially connected.

With a whole body framework, we can help you understand the primary causes behind your problem so you can focus on the most effective and efficient treatment.


circles of influence

Traditionally, the ribcage and thorax has been viewed as a stiff and relatively immobile structure. But extensive new research by Dr LJ Lee has proven this theory wrong and shown that it's robust and flexible. So rather than simply thinking about any issues coming from the spine as proposed in chiropractic, the new developments have helped us to consider the whole thorax as a 3D unit. This can mean that dysfunctional areas in the thorax can serve as 'drivers' for problems in the rest of the body. This can be from altered biomechanics or from changes in the centre of mass (how you stand over your feet). 

A thoracic ring can be thought of as two vertebrae and the corresponding ribs:


thoracic ring

Altered movement around the thorax can stem from many causes, but when there's a restriction in one or more thoracic rings, it can twist your torso and alter biomechanics. This translate down the body and result in a twisted squat or twisted knee when you're walking. 

thoracic ring

Steve Hanks had the opportunity to train extensively with Dr LJ Lee while he lived in Canada. He even worked at her clinic! Book now for a consultation to understand why a whole person perspective is right for you. 

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