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Neck Pain and Headaches

Whether you're dealing with a stiff neck, you can't turn your head or you have a throbbing headache we're here to help! Causes of neck pain and headaches (read blog) can include:

  • Intervertebral disc injuries

  • Strained spinal joints (facet joints)

  • Muscle spasm

  • Wry neck

  • TMJ disorder

  • Concussion

  • Cervicogenic Headache (blog)

  • Cluster Headache

  • Whiplash

  • Stiff neck

Neck Pain Treatment

How We Treat 

The assessment and treatment of your problem will generally be dependent on a number of factors. This can include whether there was trauma, old injuries and investigating repeated habits that might be straining your neck. Treatment commonly includes things like:

  • Full body assessment to understand the root of your issue

  • Hands on treatment to reduce pain and improve function

  • A personalised strengthening program to fix the issue and reduce strain on the injury

  • Help you sleep better 

  • Teach you self management programs so your pain doesn't return

Learn more about how integrative physio can help you.

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