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Telehealth Physio

Image by GMB Fitness

Whether you're short on time, can't come into the clinic or are feeling worried about sickness telehealth can be a great alternative to in person physio (it even has some benefits). With the growth of technology, we can analyse your movement better than ever before. 

How does it work?

Telehealth Physio starts off much the same way as a regular visit. Discussions about the problems you've been having, your history and the goals you'd like to achieve from physio. We will then go through a physical assessment and treatment which can include:

  • Assessing movement of the injury and whole body

  • Establishing a diagnosis of the injury site

  • Analysing how and why the injury has occured

  • Teaching self management strategies

  • Postural changes and education

  • An individualised home exercise program for long term resolution of your problem.

Home exercise program

The best part is, you can get a recording of your appointment so if you need a reminder, it's right there and ready. Often with telehealth, you need less appointments and they can be more spread out as they're always designed to help you help yourself. 

Learn more about how integrative physio can help you.

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