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This might be one of the most important things you EVER learn. 

Entire countries, philosophies and communities have been built on this concept. It has been used to transform communities, help people recover from disease.

This concept is mindfulness. 

There are THOUSANDS of ways to learn this. I've spoken to monks, I've sat down with a yogi. I've read ancient texts and commiserated with psychologists.

I've tried it all and this is what I recommend. What we are doing is directing awareness and focus to the 3 areas of your life we've previosly discussed; mind, body and spirit. 

As you do this, imagine a bubble around you, I know this sounds silly but it's important. If any unwelcome thoughts or patterns come up, place them outside your bubble.

Start by connecting with your breath and body. Pay attention to your 5 senses, one at a time;

1. Sight

2. Smell

3. Taste

4. Touch

5. Hearing

Follow this with a body scan to relax your whole body. 

Follow this by sitting in the back of your mind and 'watching' your thoughts. When you notice a thought come up, try to become aware of where this may have originated. Try not to attach yourself to the thought, just let it come and go. Your mind will react to your body so if you can keep a relaxed and comfortable body it will be easier to keep a relaxed and comfortable mind. Do this for 5 minutes or however long you feel.

Then, connect with your closest connections in life, family friends, loved ones and just remain mindful of any thoughts that become attached to this. 

Becoming aware of your reactions to your senses is a valuable skill. Think of this as a bit like going to to the gym. You're training your mind in a controlled setting without all the external stress. As you get better at this you can learn to monitor your reactions and beat stress. 


This is the hard way to beat stress as it takes a lot of work and energy. The easy way is to change your reactions to stimulus by changing your beliefs. If you can do this, you'll never have to meditate another day in your life (unless you want to). 

The best part is, it's not difficult. It all starts with understanding how everything is connected. 

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