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How are we connected?

Western scientific research is only now starting to understand what Ancient cultures have known for thousands of years. We are all connected through universal laws. 

Everything that exits follows a certain set of rules or 'ratio' of expansion and organisation.

Lets look at a few examples;

flower pattern
flower pattern
butterfly pattern
human drawing
solar system

So every living thing you know of seems to follow the same mathematical laws. But you're probably asking - how does this affect me?

The answer to that is quite simple.


Your Universe is a bit like Russian Babushka dolls.  Each is part of a greater whole but everything is connected.


You have control over everything inside your self - these make up your internal values. You don't have control over anything outside yourself, your external values.


So concentrate on what you can control, this makes up your internal world. It is also known as your 'heart' and is where you connect with mind, body and spirit. 


You might be thinking - wow. This is too much there's no way I can comprehend all this. I'll stop you there - this is just another unhelpful belief. Stay with me here because there's a road map. You have no idea how easy it really is all you need to do is listen with an open mind.

How to Connect with Heart

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